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Thin Ice
17-12-2008, 12:27 PM
Pickering High School, Hull, Report, 17/12/08

Being 3 weeks behind on explores due to various things (work, assignments and Go-Go Gadget Hospital stay) I was hoping to make up for it this week with an increased output of explores. Mooching around what I was hoping to be one of the last buildings I want to do for one sector of Hull I found to my dismay that the run-down building as something active inside (Smoke coming from a newish looking pipe system that is haphazardly stuck out of a haggard old window and all the windows covered up with what looks like black fabric/ Bag…. Cannabis Farm?) I moved on to a location that I recently added to the list (something made me want to go and do it).

Pickering High School, moved from an older crappier building to a newer shinier one just down the bottom of their own playing field I think in October 2007. I believe part of the reason they moved was the fact that asbestos is present on the site in the risers and pipe closets. Given I did see a number of students work left behind I can only assume that most of it was left there (except for ongoing/ important work) and thus chavved and cleared by demo crews later on except for a few pieces

So I went to the location of the former Pickering High School. Walking around the lower floor it became apparent that entire sections of the walls had been removed by demo crews in the past and that there are a multitude of ways in and very little left inside. Around the site evidence of Chav intrusions (Wehay Everybody went nuts) was visible (Probably spending more time in the school now then they did before) sections of walls with holes smashed through them.





A Corridor with walls full of numbers and math symbols


I noticed a Room on the roof but could find no way of getting up there from the inside

Tee Hee, it says….



Amazingly a number of student artworks/ paintings remained on the walls with minimal damage/ minimal graffiti in various parts of the school. One student’s work remained almost as if it had been pinned up the day before.





A view out of the third floor window in the distance you can see the Humber Bridge


After the Police Helicopter went away (not before buzzing around the school a few times) I decided to make my exit before the traffic picked up enough to catch me out (or the Demo crews arrive and catch me). Leaving the site the same way I came in was significantly harder than it was to enter the site. In my time I have climbed barbed, razor wire and even those circular arranged spikes that rotate but this sites three pronged normal spike fence gave me the biggest scare of my wall climbing life.