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07-12-2008, 12:34 PM
Has only taken me a week to edit me photos :P I took so many!

So the latest of our "little" road trips saw the harcore of us northerners come down south for 24 hours so as to celebrate Mykals birthday in style.

Got in from work on the Saturday to find my hallway piled ceiling-high with bags (nearly not an exaggeration!) and my living room full of miscrients drinking my coffee (that would be Mykal, Shepy, Sandman, Marcus and Miller). After I had added another three bags to the collection, we all squished ourselves into the Chavalier formerly owned by Spoon, now owned by Mykal, for a gruelling 6 hour trip down to Teddington. Should have been 4 hours but it seemed we spent 90% of the trip in a 50 mile an hour zone due to roadworks, roadworks and oh! MORE ROADWORKS.

We eventually arrived at Mykals uncles somewhere in the outskirts of London, filled our bellies with some gorgeous home made korma then bedded down for the night.

Next morning it was up at 8am and out again to travel to what may as well have been France. We rocked up at Monks house at around 11am and we were quickly off to Hellingly. Parking up at some woods we did draw some strange looks from dogwalkers but we were soon on site dodging passing cars before slipping inside. Upon entrance a short walk brought us within hearing distance of alot of voices, must be near the main hall then. A main hall full of about 20 explorers :D Those whose names I knew:

Ridds and Missus
Heavenlyphoto and missus
Si o Doom

And then I get stuck!

Introductions were made, a group shot was done, and then we began the explore, via as many dodgy floors as our guides could find.

The site seemed to be pretty damn huge, some lovely bits and pieces still lying around like the infamous hoover....I absolutely loved it, seemed to be a bit of a Southern Cherry Knowle with how trashed it was but it just added to the charm of the place.

Anyway on with the pics, cos god damn theres enough of them!


Zee main hall


the gorgeous powder blue ceiling made this main hall the one I wanted to see most out of any of the asylums!


ceiling detail, gotta love the nifty fifty lens


nice to see something left of the hairdressers


salon again, loved the beams of light on the back wall in this one


moody corridor


no idea what this room was


same room, nifty fifty again


boring room but gorgeous light streaming through


another moody corridor


the infamous hoover!


what is with asylums and orange curtains? why orange?


the very sad admin, reminded me so much of High Royds, but absolutely wrecked. Scary insight into what High Royds was close to becoming?!


lonely bit of tiling


loved this bed


nice fallen-in window


a "Mykal"


a "MissFish"


liked the arrangement of the doors in this shot


very sexy lighting here!


and finishing off with another good old corridor shot!

After the explore everyone dutifully headed to the pub for a pint and a nice hearty Sunday lunch. Mykal got the birthday cake he'd been moaning about wanting all weekend, then complained when everyone sang happy birthday at him.

Only bad bit really was the drive home - not fun and took us about 9 hours in total :( Still, we'd probably do it again.