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24-11-2008, 05:11 AM
On this forum I keep reading the magic enlightened words - research is the key - well this was one of those self taught lessons for me. Birkwood I had never been to before, it was more of a last minute off chance, and with a vague idea of its locality and knowledge that it might not be accessable I tried my luck any way - I had no idea what type of building it was, when it was built etc etc.
So after finding the nice hospital signs I found a discrete place to park the car and headed off in the dark through overgrown muddy fields and came across the building in the following pics, I was elated at how easy it was at the time but little did I realise this was only a ward block:blush: and I came away from site without even seeing the main building which is lovely. So yes research is the key!! anyways it was kinda fun explore in the dark on my own.

it was real dark this was a 30 second exposure on ISO 200 with aperture almost wide open...(and edited to make lighter) I couldnt light paint here due to proximity of lived in houses
the nightmare door

horses and desert?
a room with a view






So now I just have to go back - :rolleyes: