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19-11-2008, 12:55 PM
my first report on Urbexforums, so here goes.

a day out in Hull with the Usual Suspects we had a look round the dock area and happened across this little place ...we weren't quite sure what we'd find inside but when we got in we couldn't believe our luck, a photographic studio!!


there was loads of photographic equipment and ephemera

upstairs out of the gloom of downstairs we found..............................

the studio



there's always a net curtain somewhere!

one of the only chairs i've not felt moved to actually sit in for a selfie.


i know nothing about the studio apart from it's on Hull Dock area with a lot of other abandoned buildings...i have more pictures to post process from this site but i'm hoping one or two of the Usual Suspects might post some of their pictures too.

Thin Ice
24-11-2008, 04:46 PM
Here you go


I am also sure I saw an old coke label on the floor under one of the broken cabinets in the same room but it was dark I was loosing power in my Camera that I was using as a torch (the green targeting light) since my torch died so I left the building to change batteries under the light of the riverside and forgot to go back for the picture of it lol.

16-06-2009, 08:57 PM
What a cracking set of pictures... I've already posted in reply to one of Ernie_99 posts (also of this building).

I worked in this studio from around 1994 to 1997. Many happy memories. My brother worked there too.

I've just had a real trip down memory lane looking through your photos - thanks, like Ernie_99 you've made my day. :smclap

The photo of the chair you didn't want to sit in - that was the main office and those windows (now boarded up) provided a fantastic panoramic view of the river Humber outside.

The penguin wrappers - great! They're in (what used to be) the darkroom downstairs.

The largest room in the building was downstairs - this was the studio. The windows were always boarded up to keep the light out. The only light in the studio was provided by studio lighting.

Ironic really - all that time I spent there as a photographer and now to see your photographs of the building as it is now, I'm really pleased you found a way in and got these pictures.

This was a beautiful building. I always felt comfortable - even when working alone and late in the night. There was only one occasion when my brother chased my across the upstairs landing - we were the only two people in the building. He was a bit worried when I appeared from the bottom of the stairs - who had he been chasing upstairs? Well, we'll never know!

I wish they'd done something to save these old buildings - there's some history there. Perhaps it's my family fishing heritage appeals to my sentimental nature?

Thanks again -well done, I'd love to see more.

17-06-2009, 10:09 PM
Oh I am very tempted... Very tempted Dr.Doo... Just need to find some time aside to go exploring!