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17-11-2008, 09:39 PM
Visited a while back on the last weekend before demo started. All week I was waiting for Friday so, I could get down to a Cane hill fairwell trip as thursday night came around I had planned to get an early night so I could drive down early for the meet but, having never been to the hill before I was a little excited and maybe a little worried I just couldn't get any sleep. After a few hours trying to get some kip I eventually gave up and hit the road I just needed to get going. I got down to Coulsden about an hour early and after another failed attempt to get some Shut eye in the car I made some quick breakfast in the boot as one by one every one else turned up. Quickly getting our stuff together and made our way up to the hill, my little bit of weight loss meaning I could finaly slip in. I could go on for ages about the way we spent our 8 or so hours inside but it would pretty much boil down to awsome..... Like most people i had wanted to see Cane Hill for ages but with so many reports i felt i had seen it all so it slipped on to the backburner. At least the imminant demo ment I had to get down there there is nothing like seeing the place with your own eyes theres so much more atmosphere than any report can convay. Took hundreds of photos but so many are just like ones i've seen before i' have tried to pick some i think are different by i bet some are the same as other peoples.












After the Hill we made our way to the nearest petrol station for lunch, there we agreed to go give West Park a visit for the afternoon, so after the worlds worst sandwich we were in convoy over to Epsom, No trouble getting into the hospital but nearly every where we tried to visit was secure a quick visit to the creche was followed but a hop across to the ruins of the main hall, While in there we could here banging away re securing the dentists corridor just on the other side of a wall from us. We gave admin ago it was completley sealed shut. We decided to make our way back over to Denton\Dartford to see the padded cell. . The cells looking a little worse for ware than the last time i was there looks like some shelves from a nearby store room had been nailed over the padded cell door. As we were in the corridor it sounded like some was comming up the stair way from the corridor below so we bolted back the way we came to find the door being nailed shut in front of us with a security guard on the other side of the door going nuts with a hammer, after the noise calmed down i slowly turned the handle to test how strongly it was shut only for the hammering to start again :o nailed in to an asylum. So off we go trying to find another way out. The tunnels were blocked with a locked gate, all the downstairs windows boarded on the outside. After a while a open 1st floor window was found for us to climb out and lower ourselves in to a couryard. Then were off and running till we are all outside. So the afternoon in West Park was cut a little short.