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Ahh, about time I posted another report for you lot :thumb. As you can see from the date that I visited this place (01/13) I have a couple of reports that have been on the backburner. But I will start throwing a couple out now.

On with the Hipposhit anyway :D I do apologise for the amount of photos but I was more interested in exploring this one as I was taking photos :rolleyes:. History shamefully stolen from ZerO81 so credit to him for the history :).


The Hulme Hippodrome, originally known as the Grand Junction Theatre and Floral Hall, opened in Hulme, Manchester, on 7 October 1901. It and the nearby Playhouse Theatre, built at the same time, were part of the theatrical empire of W. H. Broadhead. The two venues were connected by an arcade, at the centre of which was Broadhead's company headquarters.

Initially the theatre staged mainly dramatic productions, while the original Hippodrome presented variety performances, but in 1905 the names and functions of the theatres were interchanged: the Hippodrome became the Grand Junction, and the variety performances were transferred to the new Hippodrome.

The Hippodrome was last used as a theatre in the 1960s; from the mid-1970s until its closure in 1986 it was used as a bingo hall. Since then most of the building has remained empty, and it has been placed on Manchester City Council's Buildings at Risk Register.

The building was bought by Gilbert Deya Ministries in 1999, and they hold services in part of the ground floor, led by pastor John Ezedom.

My Visit

Started as it always does, was wondering round town looking for something to do with a couple of lads. And bignickb mentions he's been wanting to see this place for quite a while. Thought fuck it why not, got nothing to lose.

After first trying to find the place (like a maze :rolleyes:) we found it. Wondered around a little while and walked into the normal entrance and there was someone sat there, he didn't like the look of us and he shot us a few evil looks our way. So we thought it was best not to go in that way. Long behold found another way and we were in.

Now at first when we got in, it was evident that the place was still very much active in some areas. So as you know how it goes, we didn't touch anything. Took only photos (blah blah you know the rest).

After a bit of mooching about we finally got into the main part, as there was no lights at all it was absolutely PITCH BLACK. Luckily bignickb had brought a couple of the brightest lights I've ever seen. Robbed one off him and started shooting. So this is why the photos may look a bit dodgy.

After wondering around a playing around a bit. I decided to take a walk on top of the dodgy part of the stage (god knows why) and next thing I hear this massive cracking sound like dry wood in a fire. bignickb was right underneath the stage where I was stood above. Luckily he didn't get knocked out by the massive piece of damp wooden beam that dropped and he was ok :D.

After the initial scare we thought it was best to head off, checked out the roof before we went and closed up shop and scooted off.












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I love the look of that, its very ornate:)

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How you managed to sneak in past Tony and not be caught is very, very lucky. He's a nasty piece of work if you get on the wrong side of him...

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it looks worse each time i see it :(