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05-09-2013, 12:51 PM
Visited with the dog.

I used to have an interest in ROC posts when I first started out, but over time they've become little more than a passing interest considering I can't think of many if any decent posts in either Greater Manchester or Oxford where I'm based. Nevertheless, I was out with my dog for a day so I thought if there's something small in the local area, why not check it out? So I did. On the other hand the coordinates given by Subbrit were completely wrong, which meant that I went sifting through someone's garden trying not to get spotted! Something was put over where they said it was, so I was worried it'd been demolished. I ended up walking up and down the Thames mistaking all the pillboxes for the post, but once I had a look at timbly's report (thanks for the directions!) I found it in no time. Bit annoying that I'd walked straight past it earlier!

Down the shaft I went. This particular one opened in August 1960 and closed in 1968; just over 8 years in service, closed for 45 years and mostly forgotten about! Not much has changed since Subbrit's November 1998 inspection apart from more rubbish being tipped down the shaft. The post was sadly fire damaged many, many years back, and all that remains now are two beds, one of which is dismantled and a siren box which has now been broken. Typical for a 1968 closure, but as far as trashed stuff goes I've seen far, far worse. The sump is broken. As for surface features, again nothing has changed except that the shaft is now jammed open; luckily the post is mostly dry.

A poorly exposed photo, just kept for artistic merit


Broken siren box on the floor, right



Broken sump


All surface features intact

Next to the post is a Type 28 Pillbox, which although in better condition looks like it was converted into a "den" by local kids.



Not really interested in doing any more ROC posts, but if I'm near one then I might check it out.

Cheers for looking,


12-09-2013, 04:46 PM
That's a minger. I like that type 28 though