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07-11-2008, 12:44 PM
1969 Associated Television built a large new 'state of the art' television studio was built off Broad Street in preperation for the launch of full time colour broadcasting in the UK, The complex was named 'The Paradise Centre'.The ATV studios were the home to Crossroads, Tizwas, Blockbusters and Bullseye. During the 1980 round of television franchising the Independent Broadcasting Authority decided that ATV's lack of regional programming and the fact the company was based in Elstree well away from the midlands was effecting the quailty of broadcasting in the region, so it insisted that the new applicants for the franchise be more clearly based in the region which was to be split into east and west.

ATV Successfully won the bid for both the East and West Midlands but on the condtion that the company was renamed to more closly reflect the region it reprisented. From the 1st of January 1981 ATV was replaced on air by Central Television and the studios also took on the new name. Central kept hold of the midlands TV franchise during the 1991 relicensing but it was taken over by the expanding group Carlton group in 1994. Carlton centralised the production of programs for the four ITV regions it controlled and needed fewer studio facilities they soon opened a smaller studio in Birmingham for the production of regional news and the Broad Street studios were closed in 1997 after it was diagnosed with concrete cancer.

Absolutely loved visiting the TV studios was completely unlike anywhere i have been before despite being a series of large pretty empty rooms. but the viewing studio is wonderful even if the rippled wooden walls are a little less impressive close up. Nothing new in my photos and some are pretty poor but thought i'd share them anyway.

The Carlton Regions in 1994-1996

News Studio

The News Studio Control Gallery


Screening Room



Studio 2

Studio 2 Sound Control Room

Studio 3

Studio 3 Gallery

Studio 1