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06-11-2008, 07:45 PM
Main chunk nicked from an old report:

Firstly heres an interesting site about the er site:


Edit now I've got time to write a proper report!

Visited with Mykal, Shepy, Waspy, Ridds and Silver.

It wasnt a good start to the day, we were all out at the big NE meet the night previously and I personally was feeling a little worse for wear! Despite this I managed to awaken Waspy and Mykal and we headed off to pick up Shepy. No answer, was he dead we wondered? Arrested maybe? Further inspection found a pile of Shepy clothes. There was a naked Shepy around somewhere. Persistant phone calls eventually were successful and we were off up to Morpeth to meet Ridds and Silver.

We headed pretty much straight for the angel. This is what anyone goes to St Georges for but it has been heavily locked down, AFAIK since they decided to put huge green metal fences around the whole building x2. Well the fences didn't stop us so a few locked-down doors werent exactly going too either. Eventually we got to the angel room to be greeted with not the angel but a large wooden board nailed to the wall with "28days are pussies" written on it. Needless to say, this got removed, a nice reply left for Pegasus Security :thumb

We got our pictures but we had been making alot of noise and so absolutely shit a brick when we heard a car pull up right outside the building. Obviously we done a runner upstairs to get a look at what was going on. I was first up crawlin around tryin to get a stealthy peek when I noticed that there was no car, it was someone on a lawn mower. Phew. I was quite happy til I realised I'd been kneeling on a dead pigeon :eek:

After that scare we got round the rest of the hospital and decided to try and get into the projection room and clock tower, which as far as we know have not been documented before. After about half an hour we had the door open, upon first glance it looked like a store room :mad: but a peek round the corner showed a lovely ornate spiral staircase :D

Up that we found the projection room, no projectory majigs left though. I do believe the others got some pics of this but I headed up to the clock tower. Clock has sadly gone but getting up into the turret rewarded us with some nice views. Nice spot for a picnic or a summer sleepover!

Upon leaving we were very nearly off site when I do believe we got spotted by someone, no idea whether it was security or a dog walker, we didnt hang around long enough to find out.

And now pics, I found alot more lovely wallpaper and carpets. I might have to start a website devoted to asylum wallpapers and carpets.






mmmmmmmmmmmm patterns :D




on the way up the clock tower


and on top.


the cellls with some crazy people artwork on the walls


a milk bottle


staircase to the lecture hall


the upside down harlequin room


took the chance to get some cheeky exterior shots before heading off, this is the admin block and you can see there the tower that we were on top of.

Class explore, very different style of exploring for us. More nerve racking but definitely more exciting. Am so glad I finally got see the angel.






Unfortunately the angel is now trashed, thanks to security being cock-sauces.