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28-05-2012, 12:08 AM
Visited on a lovely sunny afternoon with some of my fellow LLS trollbots - JST, Clough, Fowle.

Cheers to JST for driving us there in his executive Audi, don't worry about the high speed crash, my whiplash isn't too bad.

The Asylum was built in 1852 on a slight rise in Bracebridge parish, on the high road to Sleaford. Originally built to house 250 inmates, it was enlarged in 1859, 1866, 1881 and 1902. The asylum grounds covered 120 acres.

The Asylum grounds were cultivated by the inmates to provide vegetables.
The Asylum's sewage was disposed of by irrigation over 10 acres of land about a half mile from the asylum.
The Asylum had a cemetery of one and half acres on the grounds, with its own mortuary chapel.
In some records, the inmates are referred to as "visitors".

The Asylum closed in 1990 and was sold a few years later to a property developer who constructed nearly 1,000 new houses in the village. The original hospital buildings themselves are classified as Grade III listed buildings and are protected from demolition. During the redevelopment of the hospital site, a number of these protected buildings were refurbished and converted into flats and offices.








All in all a nice big derp, lovely hallways and ceilings and not a great deal else. Some new PIR's though, they were LOL.