View Full Version : Archived: Windy Nook House #2, Preston. April 2012

21-04-2012, 09:38 PM
Apologies for the noisy photography!
1 of 2 houses, no idea on history, had a google but just found a failed planning application, they've just been stripped almost clean and left to rot... This house seems to be the smaller of the 2 and is in much worse condition, especially with it being a bungalow- there's almost no roof left. Entrance to the cellar is just about visible in picture 4 but didn't dare go down the wooden stairs...
Builders are putting up a small brick wall around the first house, so something is clearly going on. Didn't get into the first one, will post some externals if revisited.

Also visited a church on Moor Lane which has suffered at least one arson attack (locally known as United Reform but seems to be officially called Ethical Spiritualist...??) Timed this wrong and the lighting buggered up even using a torch and the longest shutter speed. Revisiting next week during the day.





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