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10-04-2012, 11:14 PM
Well my urbexing friends, I'd like to share my first report as an urbexforum member. Just like to say thanx to everyone for welcoming me to the forum. (Feelin right at home).

I've put a few photos up here of the Grade B listed Broomhill Hospital, situated on the outskirts of Glasgow. Since I started my urbex photography project back in November I've visited a couple dozen sites across the Scottish west coast so far but Broomhhill is easily one of my favourites and I visit frequently. (Even took my girlfriend there on Halloween. She was terrified). It's an old fav among Scottish urbexers and has had plenty of pictures taken of it but it's of special significance to me as it's the site that reignited my interest in exploration and photography.

The hospital was an extension of the existing Broomhill House and opened in August 1876 by the Lord Provest of Glasgow to cater for patients with incurable diseases. (Basically the 'one stop shop'). Tuberculosis, cancer, chronic rheumatism & cholera to name a few. It had various buildings and departments added to it over the decades with the last being a 25,000 physiotherapy unit in 1970 but ultimately the place fell victim to NHS cutbacks and after spending its last few years caring for geriatric patients the hospital closed it's doors in 1995 after 119 years of service.




Despite nearly falling out of the incinerator block window and scaring a middle aged couple and their dog half to death I managed to get a pretty comprehensive shoot done. The world's nicest security guard even offered to show me around before I snuck in through a broken window on the ground floor.





Unfortunately by the time I got into the main building my camera battery was flat and I had to resort to the digital compact so the pictures are a little grainy.




The full report and set will be going up on my site once finished but will involve a more in depth shoot of the main buildings interior so stay tuned for that. In the meantime enjoy the pics! :D