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Thin Ice
30-10-2008, 11:15 AM
Derelict Cluster (John Good and Sons, Traders Wharfe, Binghams, and Unknown)

Hello, this is my first real report so I apologise for the crappy angles, blurs and what not neither myself nor my tripod are that sturdy :-(. Also sorry it is so long.

This is a cluster of derelict buildings found in Hull close to the Boom development and the Fruit Market/ Old City redevelopment. I have wanted to get inside the 4 sections of this cluster for a while now, but for 3 of the buildings it was unfeasible (no way in outside of causing damage and random loons put me off the other one.

Recently work commenced on securing the cluster and clearing it of debris/ junk ready for renovation and/or demo (at least 1 building might stay, 2 others will go in my opinion due to damage to structure and the last is a unknown at the moment). Since work began on the site I have been scoping the perimeter and surrounding area out for further info regarding the changes the sight as undergone.

This morning I decided to go and give it another shot after 2 previous failed attempts within the days prior. The first attempt of the morning was a worse failure than the 2 that came before it and had me running from the scene after I thought the fence was going to shatter (yes Shatter). Not to be outdone, I decided to come back with a secret weapon, a few minutes later I left my property carrying Lazyman’s access device (Christened, Creaky McSteppy) wrapped in a spare Duvet cover incase I got stopped by the Police for carrying it through town at night.

Derelict 1

The building I will label Derelict 1 (Or Building Unknown) as seen here (It’s the one on the left with the windows intact and metal plates over the ground windows)

Front View (D1 On the left and D2 on the right)


Behind View:


Upon further inspection this building was found to be sealed still and the most likely way in from the inside was through building known as Derelict 2 (John T – J ltd) (Picture will follow in Derelict 2 section).

Derelict 2 (John T- J ltd?):

D2 is in the worst state of repair structurally and is attached to building D1.


Despite being absolutely wrecked and Chavved D2 surprising as its throne intact, here is a “Obligatory Crapper Shot”:


Close to the toilet there was an ancient Fax machine:


Close to the Fax machine there was an Electrical Circuit Breaker room that looked like it had been on fire at some point:


Just off the bottom of the stairs there was a collapsed section (Notice the door, it leads to D1 I think):


Moving up through the back stairwell of D2 I came to the first floor, along this floor there where quite a few small rooms. At least two of these rooms had been storage rooms for a time:


While others probably held more toilets:


Other rooms had been on fire at some point :-( and had burnt shut in places (Photo through a hole burnt in the door):


Heading into the larger of the rooms on the first floor a safety guard over the top of the front stairs could be seen rotting away:


At the back of the larger room (too the left around the corner of this next photo) there was a door that was still sealed leading to likely a small closet sized room:


Front Stairs:


Down the stairs there was a single room even more full of junk than the others .

Heading back to the other stairwell I climbed to the next floor


On the second floor there where two rusty industrial things that looked like two upside down quadrilateral pyramids with the points cut off (they where filled with junk) I forgot to photo them as I got distracted by dead pigeons :-/

Elsewhere in on the floor there was a cargo hole to the floor below:


Close to the hole there was a winch still in place in what remained of the roof:


The only spare room on this floor was in poor shape and was guarded by a dead pigeon:


Opposite the pigeon and below the winch someone had been keeping a tally…..


Binghams, Shed:

Upon leaving Derelict two and making more noise than a Rampaging Elephant in the process I went into “Binghams”

From the front it looks like this:


I entered from the Shed/mini warehouse at the back and proceeded up the stairs to be greeted by an Asbestos tent blocking the entire 1st floor (and higher floors).


I left and went to the 4th building of the cluster (Known as John Good and Sons).

Thin Ice
30-10-2008, 11:16 AM
John Good and Sons:

A little bit of history for this site:


John Good Shipping Founded in 1833
In the year 1813 a young boy of 11 left his Scarborough home and 'signed on' the sailing brig "British Volunteer" to begin a life-time's association with the sea and shipping.

Over the next 20 years John Good continued his seagoing experience on vessels trading to the Baltic, White Sea and Mediterranean, gaining his Master's Certificate.

In 1833 he set up an office in Hull to found the company John Good & Co., as Ship Chandlers, Agents and Brokers, utilising the connections he had built up mainly with the Baltic and Finnish ship owners. After his retirement in 1864 his two sons continued to run the company, which had also expanded into ship owning.

The Company's first regular liner agency was obtained in 1883 for Finland Steamship Company's new cargo and passenger services between Finland and Hull. This agency continued for over 100 years.

The company, still family owned, has continued to expand by concentrating on general agencies, ship agencies, liner agencies and freight forwarding and has opened offices throughout the United Kingdom and in Turkey.

The site fell out of use sometime around 2003, the site held several different things at various times including a Travel Agent.

John Good and Sons:


Upon entering the building:


All though this portion of the site had been heavily cleared some things remained, this Travel Booklet was on about a section of the Canary Islands:


Heading up a set of stairs I happened upon a window and behind it a section of the building still closed off:


First floor, “Who is watching Whom?” (sorry its blurred that badly):


Back of the first floor with the Boom Development just showing:


Moving through JGG, I ended up in the Wharfe section:

The Wharfe, this was part of JGG but likely had separate businesses in it at various times:


In this part of the building there was nothing but large storage rooms (the cargo doors are still there as can be seen in the previous photo, they are on both sides of the building).

1st floor

2nd floor

By now I was running out of camera space and my torch was dieing so I decided to leave and head home:

I left hastily after hearing a dog bark a fair bit (thinking Security had woken up):


Upon vaulting over the fence I walked around the corner and slipped on my ass as I went to retrieve Creaky Mcsteppy and the duvet and went home.

Things Lost/ Broken on this trip:

7 (out of 24) LEDs on my Maglight

Things learned on this trip:

Wearing anti-slip boots and walking on a dry sandpapery surface does not render you unable to slip.

You don’t notice most of the dead pigeons (including the ones you probably walked on) until you start to leave the building/ floor :-/

When designing a building make sure every floor no matter how small as 2 Toilets each with 3 loos and make sure you had one shower room near the roof) (Seriously like every 2nd room was a toilet or had one at some point in 2 of the 4 buildings).