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21-01-2012, 06:32 PM
Hi everyone - theres already reports of this place but i thought id go for a different angle - whilst there i had my 100mm macro and a nice big torch with me - upstairs on the 2nd floor i found loads of slides and negatives - so stuck them under my torch and snapped away - then back home "developed" them in adobe lightroom :P just thought this is a little different!

not sure exactly where this was taken but googling the number plate i found the car was registered in leeds between 1988 and 1989... not familiar with leeds though :(

i googled the hotel behind and although its not called "the hospitality inn" anymore i still got the address! this was taken on coventry street, london!

and theres a street view shot where you can see the resemblance :P

some photos are very water damaged so alot of colour and detail lost :(

the majority were of this wedding...

the after party?

the front door of the white house?

i swear this was taken in the kitchen it looks very familiar!

Hope you enjoyed looking!