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27-10-2008, 07:57 PM
There will be a few hundred people who will love this report. Sadly, none of them will see it as they are old people living 130 miles away in a small village in the West Midlands. Clearly, certain places mean more to people when they know a place. I fear this is one of those... Anyway, here we go.
The Royal British Legion was built in 1961 to replace a previous wooden shack which had been gutted in an arson attack two years previously.

I went to my first disco in here in the mid '80's. It was not that good. Here is the entrance to the hall.

Looking towards the bar

A view from the bar. I very clearly remember sitting to the right of these doors as I spotted my father striding in to the venue to collect me at the end of one disco. This left me scarred emotionally to have a parent behave so insensitively during those difficult adolescent years. Why couldn't he wait in the car? However, now I am a parent of two kids, I can't wait to pull the very same sick stunt.

View into the back room

Couple of views of the main hall


No explore would be complete without one...


Sadly, much was I would have loved to have used a tripod and spent a happy hour or so light painting, this was a solo explore. It was pitch black inside and I had no idea if anyone else was in there with me. That's my excuse for average snaps. It's actually nice to see a place that you have been to when it was open.