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07-01-2012, 09:38 PM
Opened: August 1962

Closed: September 2011

Visited with Tankman on one of the final posts of our 6 post day and by this point it was getting dark. This post is situated way in the hills near Herefordshire borders and we had to cross a whole valley just to get here :shocked The post had in the last few years had its hatch ripped fully off (probably due to a locked t bar which it was sealed solid) and was apparently in great condition with lots remaining. Now the post has been fully sealed with a big metal hatch type job and some heavy duty screws. The compound is also really overgrown and couldn't see the back vent and only just make out the FSM pipe, also the compound was full of police tape :?


Original compound gate


The view from the way in (apologies for picture quality, it was getting dark and my flash went off :o )


Heavily bolted down, this post is SEALED.


Just make out the FSM pipe in all the undergrowth, was bad enough now in winter cant imagine it in summer!


The tape, chucked in trees all around the compound.


This gives you a good idea of how heavy its been bolted down, no one will be getting into this post for a while.


The original hatch has just been chucked on the ground but looks like its been there a while. Part of me thinks because it was sealed the farmer pulled it off as he wanted to see inside the post, but then perhaps left it and maybe something happened here like a fire thus the tape and the post was re sealed. Or maybe he just re sealed it and likes odd decoration, these remote people can be odd ;)


Hilly view.

That's your 3 from me then, not amazing im afraid but Tankman's should prove a bit better im sure. 2 of his at least were great fun to explore as he will show you all later.

BK :thumb

08-01-2012, 04:10 PM
I visited this just after the hatch was pulled off, it was in pristine condition.