View Full Version : Crows Rock, Kinver, West Mids Oct '08

26-10-2008, 10:57 PM
These are the remains of a number of dwellings carved out of the soft sandstone rock at least 300 years ago. Vales Rock (the lower section, presumably named after the family,) and Crows Rock, the upper tier were last inhabited in the 1930's by a besom maker. This is a lovely place to go even with kids and it is places like this to play in that got me interested in ruined buildings at an early age.
All that remains of the front of one of the houses. It joins on to the sandstone outcrop to the left of the picture.

When I first came here in the late 1970's as a wee nipper, this place was shuttered and access was off. Today no doors or windows remain.

These rock houses were warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Loads of people love to scratch their name in the rock. When does it go from being wrong to being interesting to see? W Jones scratched his name in the same year as the Titanic sank.

When your neighbours moved out, families would often carve out a tunnel or door and extend through. That's my mom, outside the window. Nice to see your parents climbing over No Entry, Dangerous Structure fences. Gives hope for us all.

Water came from here. Today it is dry. This could be one reason why the rock houses became uninhabited, as the pumping station in nearby Kinver was opened a few years earlier, lowering the water table. Hard to believe these were dug out by hand.

Residents from the early 1900's. (not there today)

Forget IKEA, simply carve out cupboards and shelves

Looking outside

Spotted this little fella hopping past

As they once were

Remains of the ruined houses at Crow's Rock