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Built in 1873, most likely for one of the wealthy owners of the local shoe factories "Ferndale" is one of the few properties on Headlands where the decorative wrought iron railing have survived the call for all metal during the second world war possibly due it being re-purposed as a hospital, many other properties have no more than the stumps to prove they too had such ornate railings.History is very sketchy on the site however it would appear it was owned by the council until at least 1989 when they applied for planning to extend the ground floor of the home to allow for 11 more residents at what was then an old peoples home. This was also its last use too however it was being operated by Shaw Healthcare and as far as I can tell it closed sometime after 2003.
Sywell Land Ltd applied in 2007 to completely demolish the building which after two years of wrangling and an appeal were refused.

In 2008 Kettering Borough Council refused planning permission for 32 two-bed flats on the site at 17 Headlands on the grounds of
1. the application involved demolition of the original 19th century building which falls within and makes a positive contribution to the Town Centre Conservation Area
2. The proposed design of the replacement building was not considered to either preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the Conservation Area
3. The 4 storey design of the rear extension was considered to have an overbearing and dominating impact on property to the south and west side.
The applicants recently appealed this decision and an informal hearing was held on 6th May. 2 committee members, local residents and our two ward Councillors attended. HARA re-iterated our wish to keep the old building while the Civic Society said it was happy to see the building demolished.
The Planning Inspectorate upheld the Council's decision to refuse planning permission and did not allow the appeal.
Care home for Dementia patients with 30 places owned by Ferndale Care Homes

On 14/7/2011 Sywell Land Ltd submitted two planning applications detailing intially part demolition and then subsequently demolition of the 20th century additions both applications were withdrawn roughly a month and a half later.

















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