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crippletron 3000
25-11-2011, 07:09 PM
Scammonden Reservoir/Dam, Plughole Abseil

Twice visited here in the past 18 months, originally with Stepping Lightly and today with my mate Tweedy..

We originally went for a recce back in May last year, late one night SL decided he would check out the plughole ready for a return visit (which we never ended up doing amongst all the other madness).

He grabbed a length of dynamic (yes dynamic rope) from the van and threw himself down on a piece of chain link - LEGEND!

As I stood at the bottom, the rope bounced like fook before he emerged rather wet from the steady trickle that flowed down.

We grabbed a few shots in the overflow tunnels and headed for the outfall, it was ankle deep rising to chest further down, needles to say we both got wet attempting to climb out.

Another night of win :thumb

Fast forward nearly 18 months, it's my birthday and was stuck for ideas, as I flicked through some old pics I found the previous shots which I hadn't done anything with all this time.

A quick call to my mate Tweedy, as SL is busy demo'ing shit atm overseas and we were on our way.

We shot over the anti-climb and rigged up as quick as we could, as the addition of new trails has meant it's become a bit of a tourist trap since the previous trip.

A few odd looks later and I was over the railings and rappelling down, my mate quickly followed behind once I was down

Some History:

Completed in 1971 - On Thursday 14th October of that year Her Majesty the Queen inaugurated the Lancashire - Yorkshire Motorway and said :

"I am very glad to be here this afternoon to commemorate the completion of the Scammonden Dam and Reservoir.

To construct a dam on this scale is a fine achievement; to build a motorway across it at the same time is remarkable.

It is and outstanding feat of engineering and also an excellent example of effective partnership between central and local government.

I congratulate all those who have worked so hard to bring this outstanding project to a successful conclusion".

Water Capacity - 1730 million gallons
Surface Area - 42 Hectares
Dam Height - 70m / 230ft
Bellmouth - 252 metres (827 ft) above sea level (230ft shaft)
Recreational - Walking ,Watersports.. Oh and Abseiling

Scammonden Dam carries the M62 motorway over Deanhead Valley in the Pennines.

It is the first and so far only British reservoir embankment to carry a motorway, and combines the dual functions of water supply and highway infrastructure.

A good way to while away a few hours, and a bloody good cure for a hangover :D

Birthday boy











Myself and Stepping Lightly after rappelling down to the bottom of the 230 ft shaft



Overflow - Here myself & Tweedy and your's truly with SL from last year




Outta Here