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Urban Witness
12-11-2011, 10:16 PM
Royal Observer Corps (ROC) were given the responsibility of reporting nuclear bursts and monitoring fall-out. This was archived by the construction of underground monitoring posts throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland. These were designed to give limited fall-out protection, usually at the same location as the aircraft monitoring post.
These posts are basic, with no mains electricity or running water. Toilet facilities were basic in the extreme consisting of a chemical toilet in a small room just off the main entrance

This entrance is a 15ft shaft, dropping down to a large monitoring room, approximately 15ft by 7ft in size. These bunkers were built to a standard design. The furniture was also standardised inside the bunkers. A ventilation shaft with two louvered vents was located alongside the entrance shaft with a second air shaft at the other end of the room. Lighting was provided by a 12 volt battery located behind the monitoring room door.

Roc Blyth is a Royal Observer Corps post near Blyth, Nottinghamshire close to the A1. Sitting in a square compound, the surface features are intact. the post was in operation from 1982 - 1991

Date of Explore
November 2011

Explored By
Urban Witness & (Urban Mistress - Not on this forum)

This ROC Post is down a narrow lane that i drive past on my way to and from work, i never knew where the lane lead, it leads to the A1 going south bound , there is a cafe just before the slip-road and this ROC Post hidden by the road side bushes.

One day after work i took a trip down to see if i could find the Post and if it was accessibly, after driving past it twice i finally found it and there was a rock holding the lid down.

We planned to start this trip in the morning as we had a few other places we wanted to visit, but at the last minute work needed me come in for the morning. so after work we got the kit ready and we headed out,

I Pulled the car up as tight to the bush as i could as the lane is narrow and i didn't want to stop any tractors getting down, and we headed over to the post,

its such a shame that some scum has burnt it out :rant

I don't know very much about these but here are some picture,

The Post from the road


The lid has a brick holding it down as it has a metal weight which opens it


The light switch worked, but there was no power


Nice to know we could hang our coats up, but we didnt


A fuse board?




Toilet Room


The main room burnt out


Mind your head and back it says on a sign.. i still hit my head :lol:


The Vent was slightly damaged


Now time for something different - saw this just near the post


Hope you enjoyed the read,

13-11-2011, 12:03 PM
Well done for recording it:thumb Its a pity its burnt out though:(

13-11-2011, 01:02 PM
Nice one for reporting :)

Please next time use the correct title format though, i've changed it to how it should look :thumb

Urban Witness
13-11-2011, 01:51 PM
Nice one for reporting :)

Please next time use the correct title format though, i've changed it to how it should look :thumb

sorry about that, will keep that in mind :)

13-11-2011, 02:13 PM
shame about the damage/fire still nice pics and worthy of a mooch

13-11-2011, 02:42 PM
Nice to see that signature left by an original observer, shame some dicks burnt it out. When original observers see the state the posts they would have been prepared to possibly die in like this it does make them sad a lot of the time, they respected and loved the job so much too die for it and how they end up is a shame. Good job reporting it and nice quality pics :thumb