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The Royal Observer Corps (ROC) was a civilian volunteer organisation operating in the UK between October 1925 & December 1995. Originally set up as part of a raid reporting system, it was invaluable during the Battle of Britain before being superseded by radar & was instrumental in alerting fighter pilots to the presence of V1s (doodlebugs) by sending up 'Snowflake' flares. After the war a new role was found, reporting the effects of fallout in the event of a thermo-nuclear war.

This particular post opened in 1960 & closed in 1968 & can be reached by parking in the car park at Culham Lock, crossing the road & following the riverside path roughly 250 meters along the Thames towards Appleford until you see a sign warning you that you're entering a firing range. Ignore this & go through the gate. As you see the firing range go to your left & up the hill, you'll have to fight your way through the brambles until you see concrete. This is a WWII tank battery. Go along the side of this to the left & bit further uphill & you'll see the open hatch of the post.






These pictures are the best of the 20 I took of the post & the tank battery. In all honesty, there wasn't that much to see as this is really just a single room at the bottom of a 20ft shaft. To see the rest, go to my site (http://timbly.zxq.net/UESplash.html).

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That post is pretty trashed but good to see an update, was thinking of heading out soon myself but can see its not really worth it :thumb

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