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25-08-2011, 02:07 AM
someone pointed this out to me - cant believe i never knew it was here! Theres a previous post from April 09 i found - http://www.urbexforums.co.uk/showthread.php/3854-Westgate-End-House-Wakefield.-April-09

Two years on - the guys right - it has a real unstable structure and he didnt wanna venutre inside - lucky for me, i stupidly did anyway ;) Internet says two previous arson attacks - its not gutted totally, but the wooden roof looks like its gonna collapse any day soon.

Also to elaborate on history - i also found its a grade II listed building, about 500 years old - an old tudor house - and was a doctors surgery in the 1950's - BUT, i also found something else random! The guy who lived there, was called Dr Norton, who came original from Ireland.

The guy was a book collector - and had the worlds largest private collection of rare irish books postcards etc etc etc - called "The Norton Collection" - all came from this house. There are some random articles found on google that talk about meeting a doctor from wakefield...

http://www2.ul.ie/web/WWW/Services/Library/Special_Collections/Norton - The "Norton" Collection

quote from above link - "He established his practice in Wakefield, Yorkshire in Westgate End House in 1953. Westgate was destined to house one of the finest Irish libraries in private ownership in the UK or Ireland."

anyways - to the pics :P

how random this all collapsed... yet a nice wooden chair stands in good condition... unscathed...

a nice chair that survived the fire stands in the corner

the kitchen... gutted.

this room was filled with random paper work - i guess fly tipping - i found bank accounts and GCSE revision books

slowly eroding

i reckon this was a frickin nice building in its hay day...

once a grand hallway... now an eroding mix of wood and conrete...

finally - the living room - you can clearly see the wooden structure slowly buckling under pressure... safe... not.