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30-07-2011, 01:30 AM
Hey, this is my first report and im very new at this but me and a friend of mine decided to go and do a bit of Urban exploration the other day, First we wanted to go to a ww2 airfield at Rufforth but we soon figured out that it is now being used as a tip for a construction company :( As my mate had to drive 40 minutes to York we HAD to get something done! So i told him about the abandoned hostel that I found out about on another forum and also a graveyard at the back of a church that i knew about.

History on the Hutsments

Taken from http://www.yorkstories.co.uk/war/ww2/ww2_airmens_huts.htm

The hutments were built during the Second World War, as a hostel for servicemen, including Canadian airmen based at the nearby airfields such as East Moor, near Sutton on the Forest, and Tholthorpe, near Alne.

Servicemen used this city centre hostel when returning from leave, or if they'd missed the last bus or train, or were changing postings, or had a few days spare before they were due on base.

The nearby De Grey Rooms on St Leonard's Place were a central meeting place during the war years (as, famously, was Betty's in St Helen's Square), so having a bed for the night close by was presumably welcome.

A hall at the back of York Art Gallery had previously occupied this area, but had been hit by a bomb during the 'Baedeker raid' on York in 1942. After the site was cleared, these hutments were built.
They've been used for a variety of purposes since the war. York School of Art used part of them, with Marygate Adult Education Centre occupying the larger part. Thanks to Elizabeth, who sent me her memories of adult education classes held here in the 1970s, and of queuing for dressmaking classes.

More recently they've been used only for storage purposes, by the York Museums Trust (responsible for York Art Gallery, the nearby Yorkshire Museum and Museum Gardens).
Anyway, ill let some pictures do the talking
There are a fair few more pictures on my Flickr account so if you want to see anymore, heres the link.Click me. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/justandy1991/)
And comments and criticism appreciated :smile

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Good stuff mate, keep at it

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noice stuff

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Cheers for the comments guys, Seen as this was my first ever explore I don't think I did too bad lol. Ive got a few other places that I want to go have a mooch around but it's just finding the time to actually explore them. I was going to put up a thread in the leads and rumours section to see if anyone had ever thought about one of the places but i dont have permission yet :(

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not often you see copper cable intact some nice shots there and on your flicker