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The New Victoria opened on the 17th September 1928 and had a capacity of over 2, 000 in the traditional Circle and Stalls format. The building also contained a restaurant and a spacious entrance hall with an impressive dome measuring nearly 22ft which was surmounted by a small glass skylight with a chandelier suspended from it.

There was a much larger dome in the auditorium which had a system of sliding shutters that allowed daylight in without the possibilities of getting wet by a sudden shower, this system also supplied extra illumination for the cleaners. Above the dome, on the roof is the projection room complete with rewinding room, staff room, Chief’s office and follow-spot ports. Access to these rooms is outside on the roof up ladders and across boards!

The cinema also had a Wurlitzer organ of 2 manuals and 9 ranks. The pipe chambers where in the roof space above the proscenium arch. Organists included Phil Park, later of the New Victoria London, William Whittle of Preston and Reginald Dixon, later of the Tower Ballroom Blackpool. Many organists appeared at the cinema until the organ was removed during the alterations in the 1960s. This particular Wurlitzer model appeared as standard in most PCT (Provincial Cinematograph Theatres) buildings.

As the years moved on and television became more widely available, the demand for huge cinemas started to fall so plans were made to subdivide the building into a new-look leisure complex, and one of the first of its kind in the UK. The circle was extended as far as the back wall of the fly tower and a new stage was built, proscenium arch raised and widened. Seating was reduced to just over half the original capacity and the creation of a ballroom in the former stalls catered for up to 1, 000 dancers with a full, live band.

By 1962 the cinema was renamed Odeon and in 1970 the old restaurant was converted to a second screen. The ballroom remained the same but was a discoteque called Clouds and later a nightclub Tokyo Jo’s and currently (2008) Lava and Ignite.

Pics taken using Nikon' D60 and D90 and a variety of lenses over a fair few visits :thumb

Here we go :)



Behind the shutters.

Into the Foyer



Quick pee break

Ghosts of Odeon 1

Here is a few of the main screen :)





The Dome above 1, CANT Believe they have punched holes in it to fit the sus ceiling!

Smaller Odeon 2

The old Clouds entrance

Projector room for Odeon 1


Thats my lot. Hope you liked it :thumb