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12-10-2008, 10:34 AM
Travelling back to Bristol after a half day of training clients suddenly the SatNav alerts me to tell me there is a open post within 300 yards. Sod it, longer I take to get back to work the less I have to do. I am in smart suit trousers, company polo shirt and smart shoes. To hell with it, for the name of the post alone it needs doing. Park up and eventually find the post on top of hill. '91 closure and has the common sign of 'Crown Property Keep Out' which is seen on a lot of Somerset & Dorset posts.


Hatch is rather knackered, the whole thing has been removed from the concrete surround. With a bit of work you can push it to one side.


Sadly it's been trashed.. the 'love shack' indeed :lol: - It is dry suprisingly given the hatch being ruined.


When subbrit visited it was pretty clean, if a a little bare. Most of the contents in that report seem to have been shoved into the toilet.


I would have cleaned it up a bit but not with the clothes I had on!