View Full Version : Spofforth Castle, Nr Wetherby ARCHIVED

11-10-2008, 09:31 PM
There's always something interesting about the phrase "ruined castle", particularly one that is free:thumb
Today sees myself and my little lad enjoying a stroll through the ruins of Spofforth Castle, 20 mins outside Leeds. First up, some history...



Obviously, there's not a lot to see after being abandoned for 404 years, but still worth a wander round.

Only one roof remains, on a tower in the corner of the site

Eagle eyed readers may have spotted a door to the tower...

I'm not sure whether access is still on to the spiral staircase that can be glimpsed tantalisingly through the upper windows. Alas, a wee nipper and a pesky dog walker prevented further exploration. Head in through the broken section of the door with camera showed this. Not sure if it is blocked up, or whether the steps are out of sight.

Last view

All in all, a lovely half hour or so. This would be a good place to return to for practising with a new camera, lighting experimentation or if you like climbing, their is lots on offer.;)