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A good explore this one . A little history.
The first defences were built in 1544 to protect the naval interests from an inland attack and further established in 1757 south of Ports Creek. They remained largely unaltered for over 100 years before the existing Lines replaced them in 1871 when the renewed threat of a French invasion prompted the need for stronger defences. This 2 mile long structure consisted of chalk and earth ramparts 9m high and 20m wide, with six Bastions of bombproof casemates and a moat to the north. The expected invasion did not materialise and the Lines were never used in battle. Some changes took place early 20th Century, but most of the original structure is unaltered. The Lines were designated a Scheduled Ancient Monument in 1964 and the site was given Conservation Area status in 1994 in recognition of the value, not only of the monument, but also of its setting.

Listed below are examples of the type of guns that were used at Hilsea Lines during it history as a military establishment.

Originally - 50x 64 pounder smooth bore muzzle loading guns.
Replaced by - 7 inch rifled breech loading guns on counterweight Montcrieff mountings.
7 inch rifled breech loading guns on slide carriages.
8x Moveable 40 pounder Rifled muzzle loading guns.
4x 6.6 inch howitzers on travelling carriages.
WW2 American 75mm guns 1 mounted in a concrete emplacement and 1 on a mobile carriage.
1 3inch Anti Aircraft gun.
1 one pounder pom-pom gun.

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