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23-06-2011, 07:06 PM
I was having an interesting conversation with someone about this today and it reminded me of some images that I took on a flying visit to The Isle of Skye back in November. I thought that I would share some of the images...

The Battle of Culloden was the last major battle to be fought in British soil and changed the history of the Clans and Scotland forever.....


On the 16 April 1746 the entire Jacobite army at Culloden Moor was killed. Any that managed to flee from Culloden Moor to neighbouring villages were hunted down by the Hanoverian troops and slaughtered along with those harbouring the fugitives. Even innocent women and children were murdered. Homes, barns and out buildings were destroyed by the troops. The battle was the final act in the long-running series of events that became the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion. There is no doubt that the rebellion led to the largest uprooting of Highlanders in history, and the complete alteration of the highland way of life. The resulting battle sounded the death toll for the clan system, and events like the Highland Clearances became ripple effects of the battles outcome. Not only was the Highlands of Scotland changed forever, but so was the new world, as many thousands of highlanders went overseas in the 150 years after the battle

Old Leanach Cottage - the only surviving building after the battle and was still in use up until 1912. It has been refurbished several times and the roof is heather thatched, a traditional Highland craft.


The cairn was erected by Duncan Forbes in 1881 and stands 20ft high.


The exact location of the graves was never recorded. The term "English" is used quite loosely as there were three Scottish Infantries in the Government forces....


The headstones bear the names of the clans. Erected by Duncan Forbes in 1881 they mark where the battle dead, who amounted to over 1000, were buried by local people some of whom were known to them. They were identified by their clan badge, a plant sprig worn in their bonnet.



West of the Field of the English this stone marks the place where Alexander MacGillivray of Dunmaglass fell leading Clan Chattan.


There are several lines of flags which represent the lines of both armies, these are the flags that represented the Jacobite lines....



View of the battle field...


Looking from the visiter centre towards the battlefield...


Thanks for looking :thumb

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That's one thing you didn't do.... Mess with the clans :lol: Nice history Nicola and that cottage is so quaint :thumb

The Isle Of Skye is beautiful.

mr beardy
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nice pics and history :)

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thats very interesting nic :)

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Nice to see something different! However, its detention for you; visiting the Isle of Skye and not visiting any ROC Posts!!

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Ah, cool, I live a couple of miles down the hill from here :)

Nice to see something different! However, its detention for you; visiting the Isle of Skye and not visiting any ROC Posts!!

Indeed.... you were only about 5 or 6 miles from an alost unique ROC post when you were at the Battlefield, Krypton'll know the one I'm talking about ;)

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Yes Zimbob i do know which one you mean but access may have been a bit tricky haha.

Ive also just realised Culloden isnt on the Isle of Skye?

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Ive also just realised Culloden isnt on the Isle of Skye?

:) Nope, around 100 miles away... A cracking road there though :)