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12-06-2011, 02:52 PM
Whilst over in Sweden visiting friends conversation got onto urbex and urbex spots.my friend mentioned Volvo island,the following morning we were off...
With no car we had to use public transport which involved 3 separate bus rides.
In Sweden you cant pay for your journey with cash you have to use a credit card (guess who forgot his pin number)
After 5 attempts the driver blamed his machine and let us on free, we repeated the action six times lol....free ride (sorted).....


Not an epic site my any means but a abandoned island never the less ,we spent about 3 hours and covered most of it . Unfortunately most of the larger buildings had been destroyed due to arson attacks and the buildings that remain are mainly small summer houses...

abit of history and the photos...i think will be the first shed explore .....but hopefully not the last


.. Built in the 50s in order to receive the Volvo employees and their families for a few weeks in the summer. The island was everything one could wish for: shop, kiosk, restaurant, church, people's houses and especially near the sea. The alternatives to the serf were scarce and expensive, which made the island a success.





But during the 70th century, the island competition of charter tourism, why settle for a week north of Gothenburg when you could go south. People were even better off and bought their own summer residents or so, it took her car in the expedition to Sweden.





As the island began to slowly decay in the 90's, Volvo sold the island to private interests.
Then nothing happened until the summer of 2006, TV4 took the island to shoot a reality show.
Upper class brats who probably have never been in the wild would during a summer, far away from the asphalt and exhaust fumes to live on the island along with goa subclass Gothenburger. The idea was that the two different classes of society would live together and partly to build up the island again. In the end, won Soren from Copenhagen.





Today is a demolition case of National Board for decision. A company wants to demolish everything and build new houses on the island.






The thrall was a reality show that aired every weekday at TV4 in autumn 2006 . It was to some more affluent people from Stockholm and a few less well-off immigrants from the suburbs were brought together on the island thrall to the south of Marstrand to live together for 40 days. The program had half a million viewers the first episode but viewing figures fell rapidly. Winner of the 2006 edition was Serhan Soren Erdal.


Thanks for looking ........Oldskool...........