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08-06-2011, 09:34 PM
Today I visited Soldiers Point Hotel, at Holyhead. Im sorry that I can't find a lot of information about it, infact, all I could find was a small line of text that stated it was built as a house for the contractor who built the Holyhead Breakwater, but was later used as a hotel. There isn't that much to see inside besides lovely wallpaper, and pigeons. Some of the flooring is a little dodgy, and the grounds round the back are prickly! (Explorers in tights, bloomers and frilly skirts can't go into pricklies).

This isn't the kind of building I am attracted to, it being a hotel, but I was attracted to the exterior because it reminded me of a castle, but there was also some gorgeous wallpaper inside. Small bits of the wallpaper now lives in my studio, it was only peeling away. I was also a complete chicken, my dad went with me because he makes me feel safe... but amongst the times I jamp because of pigeons, I also had a panic that we where being boarded in. Silly.
Anyway, here are some photos. Also took some footage that Im going to have a fiddle with later.
Sorry that all the images aren't perfect, no tripod, no flash!

I hope I've done this properly.

http://twinkleandgloom.com/USERIMAGES/image9.jpg http://twinkleandgloom.com/USERIMAGES/image10.jpg

http://twinkleandgloom.com/USERIMAGES/image1.jpg http://twinkleandgloom.com/USERIMAGES/image2.jpg

http://twinkleandgloom.com/USERIMAGES/image3.jpg http://twinkleandgloom.com/USERIMAGES/image4.jpg

http://twinkleandgloom.com/USERIMAGES/image5.jpg http://twinkleandgloom.com/USERIMAGES/image6.jpg

http://twinkleandgloom.com/USERIMAGES/image7.jpg http://twinkleandgloom.com/USERIMAGES/image8.jpg

09-06-2011, 12:32 PM
Now with video:
It didn't work as well inside, because it was dark, so Im going to use stronger torches next time. :)