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17-05-2011, 08:02 AM
Paid a quick visit here with Sloth and Minxy on the way home after a rain afternoon exploring.

Only a few snaps due to the pikeys being around, didn't fancy venturing to far inside.

ORIGINALLY called Ferodo, it was opened by Princess Margaret in 1962. By the late 60s it employed up to 1,100 making car parts.

In 1997 it was bought by American Craig Smith and renamed Friction Dynamics, with a workforce of 220.

In April 2001, T&G members staged industrial action in a dispute over terms and conditions, picketing the factory gates after they were locked out. Eight weeks later, bosses sacked the T&G members, sparking a three-year dispute the longest of its kind in North Wales

The first of three large parades was staged in Caernarfon as the community united in support of the sacked workers. In October 2002, an employment tribunal found they were unfairly dismissed. But before compensation could be paid, Friction Dynamics called in the receivers in August 2003 and all workers were sacked. Within three weeks Dynamex Friction was set up.

The T&G called off the protest at Christmas 2003. In September 2004 an employment tribunal ruled Friction Dynamics and Dynamex Friction were linked, and sacked staff should have been offered work by the new company. In 2006 Dynamex called in the liquidators.

There has been talk of a prison being built on the site but this seems to have been shot down before it even took off. The current owners of the site are Bluefield Caernarfon Ltd.

One of the surrounding fields has waste asbestos buried in it, and needs to cleaned, the cost of this is hoped to be offset by the building of houses on the site.