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16-05-2011, 02:24 PM
After visiting RAF Newton to see it for my last time as demo/ building has started i thought i would have a look at the bombstores and training area on the other side of the base.

Visited a few weeks ago.

1st an update on the main Newton site....cinema etc has now gone and houses stand where they were.....still quite a bit left though so if you have never been you had better be quick! (some of the site is still used as an industrial estate but this is going too- the only bits being kept are the hangers)

Guardhouse- now with sales office opposite :mad:


Station HQ


Pavilion- probably not there now...


Onto the bombstores and training area



These are mock ups of bombstores

The doors are painted on but the hinges and locks are real :confused:





Original bombstores


17-05-2011, 03:50 PM
Nice pics there. I tried here about 2 or 3 weeks ago and got busted by that seccy guy. As i got chatting to him though he agreed to drive me around in his van;-) got some pics but not very good ones as they were taken fron inside the van. Nearly managed to persuade him to open up the control tower and let me in....Another day maybe were his words, and something to do with him getting the sack if caught (I zoned out and couldn't be arsed to listen to his inane waffling to be honest, i was too busy trying to look for another way in so i could go and take some proper pics) But yeah, most of it is going to be knocked down depending on how those new houses sell. If they go quickly they will Demo more of the site if need be, until it's gone:( The two hangers will stay. One belongs to John Deere for storage, and the other one i cannot remember but some filming was being done in there from the BBC which he said was top secret which made me even more determined to find another way in HAHAHA! A fair bit still left but be quick. And don't get flipping caught like me.

17-05-2011, 08:28 PM
some filming was being done in there from the BBC which he said was top secret which made me even more determined to find another way in HAHAHA!

Another season of Robot Wars?

There's some good shots on AIx of a permission visit around the airfield site, but looking at the map a lot should be easily accesible.. there's a bridal path (public right of way) right across the front of the tower..