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02-10-2008, 12:18 PM
So came across this place by chance. was just walking in the woods as you do and saw this fenced off area so feel i had to explore... my first impression was that it must be some sort of bunker but it really is too big for a bunker in pock i think.
so the next day i got my mate twig and we set off for further investigation.
if you goto google maps and type '53.945819,-0.757606' thats the location of this place.
looking around we find two metal sheets on top covering what could be hatches? and down the side a hole into a tunnel. as we had no tools we though the hole should be where we start.

one of the hatch covers?

rounded bolts are tough, did this much with my multi-tool plyers.

side of it.

my mate twiggy (james) sorting his head torch.

tight squeeze thorugh here, i only just made it.

opened out to a large-ish tunnel but nothing more.

i no this isnt the best report but i just wanted to get it up here. im gona do some serious digging to see what i can find about this place. so there will be a few more visits i think :)


21-10-2008, 12:02 PM
ok so went back to this place with pob and TheBigLigginski... our findings suggest it is a reservoir of sorts but clearly not in use. even though we know what it is now more questions have been rasied than answers.

quick visit into the tunnel.

after undoing all the bolts we tried to lift the hatch only to drop it causing a huge echo from below the ground, so we decided to half open it just to get a look down.


looking down a dark hole, our torches wernt much help so i droped a glow stick in to see how deep it was.


this picture doesnt do it justice it really was quite deep and there is still water but it didnt look like there was much. so we're now toying with the idea of getting out our climbing gear to go further in : )