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09-05-2011, 02:47 PM
Dont post much but Im lovin the sentiment of this section - thought Id offer this one, seeing as it was a good while ago now I reckon its safe to let it see a bit of ight - reading over it makes me chuckle thought it might a few other folk too. Sadly my very early reports disapeared in the big 28dl broo ha of Feb 2009 and the pics with them died on a laptop that melted itself.

Last night was a bit of a disaster. Me and the brother inlaw went to do Herron tower last night. after getting to the 5th floor we heard voices, foreign voices coming down the stairs just 1 or 2 flooors above, we hid amongst some wheely bins and waited for quiet. One guy popped his head onto our floor looked round and left. We decided to keep doing this until we got to the top. Hitting the stairs again we heard more voices above us, we ducked into to the 7th floor and almost walked into a security pod/hut. 12 PM we decided that the gig was probably up having seen and heard a fair contingent of security. So we coaxed the guy out of his hut, took a while as he was checking it was locked and then decided that maybe we wernt going to tear his arms out of his sockets. Because of his lack of english there is no reasoning with multinational security guards. They just called the police.

We thought we would just be shown the door but after much wonadering corridors and into an older building that joins Heron, they kept us inbetween key card doors until the armed response and dogs had arrived, with Brit cops documentary camera in tow. We didnt put up any resistance what so ever and gave them no reason to handcuff us, polite as you like etc. I had a short portly officeress gripping my arm firmly smiling for the seargent asking me how we got in. I was a bit more focused on the menacing officers and dog. Arrested for bieng in an enclosed space we were bundled into two seperate vans me in the cage and inlaw in the comfort of an 18 seater mini bus, joking about how I got the cage with his new found friends in blue. Speedily taken to Bishopsgate Police station and slowly processed. This took a while due to the amount of individual items I had in my bag and the amount of paper work they have to fill in. We were then put into the cells for a gruling 3 hour wait. I can honestly say it has been the worst 3 hours of my life so far. We were both told we shouldnt be there long but the time ticked and ticked away and every rattle of keys, shaddow bypasing my cell was another crushed hope of a speedy exit, not knowing what was going on was giving the fear gremlins ample food to gorge on and in my head was a hedonistic gremlin food free for all. This all set in after I had roughly calculated how many ceramic tiles where in my cell (1288). Thought Id get that out the way, but the words from the count of monte cristo ringing in my brain "ah but have you named them yet" just added to the cacophopny of thoughts in my head.

I heard the inlaw get taken out of his cell to be swabed, scanned and photographed then interviewed, which took an eternity due to the tape players not working properly. I had started thinking, what if this is it ? I never see the outside world again (fear gremilns just about on their 4th course). Finally I heard him come back......my turn. No. A 10 minute wait ensued, finally the shadow stopped infront of my door, it was time for interview, prints etc. Ive got to say all the police involved were sound when they heard why we were there and because we didnt come across like dickheeds we got very fair treatment considering. In the interview i was asked if I was a member of any internet groups forums etc I said yes 28 days later ( that forum can take the bad press, I like nwex nice and discreet(ish) I explained our hobby - take photos leave only footprints (they liked that) etc and they asked me what my crabs and slings were for, had a chat about the camera, torch, para cord, medi kit and gloves and they were happy with what I said ie safety an all that. They did give me a telling off for trespasing whilst wearing a back pack, in short a big, BIG, NO, NO. In hind sight I think its obvious as they are still on high terror alert. If you do Heron towers dont wear a back pack and watch out for the security pod/hut on the 7th floor infact avoid the lot and go up the crane.

I was released first (I think)on account of me whining like a little feeble girl about not liking my breif stint in the cell, with no charges, just a good stern talking too by a few reasnable Seargents. So I waited for the inlaw and as we exited out poured both our sides of our ordeal, many laughs many intorspective moments of reflecting about the grave state of our minds in the cells, so quickly deteriorated, not broken but enough to put us off our other plans we had this weekend. Upon having this experience I have realised (I think I can speak for both of us) prison is the last place I ever want to be.

One silver lining to be relished on the way home was, the seargent that searched me pulled a premade spliff out my tobacco pouch, sniffed it and put it back asking "theres nothing in this is there ?" no....... and that in a nut shell is how to have the best spliff ever - one thats been passed police dogs, under the nose of a copper and given back by a seargent.

The only pics I got was a few blurred ones (didnt want to be overtly pissing them off with a flash) of our multinational security who had about 8 words of english between them and our entertainment for the late bus home at 4.35 AM An Irish tranny, on crutches, legless on diamond white with mucas hanging out of one nostril. I thank you.



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