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25-04-2011, 11:59 PM
Buried in the woods between the Flight Shed and the main factory is an aircraft winch that was used to winch up brand new Hurricanes made in East Works for World War 2, straight from the flight shed to the runway above (before the car factory was built, where it stands today).

You can just see the 2 wall sections of the winch, which are in line with the middle of the flight shed. Over time or on purpose, the earth has covered the rest of the winch up to the level above.

The mound of earth between the flight shed and the site above is still very steep.

I found 2 large satellite shaped discs on either side of it (named Colt?) and some old wooden fences that seemed to be used as an earth shield to stop any ground shifting.

There was suggestion of a winch room, but I could find no evidence of it, maybe it was under the shwubbery, but the dry conditions and dark night meant I was making such a racket in there, I had already out stayed my welcome.

If you watch this video, skip to 4 minutes & 30 seconds, you will see the winch in use...


Pics, just like Time Team, I have outlined the path of the winch so you can pick out the wall better...

You can see the wall backs on to the newer built Car Port style cover over the road at the back of the flight shed.


One of the 'Colt' Discs...


and the other, there is some kind of small wheeled axel in the foreground, and you can see the wooden wall earth fence type things...


Something different, but something I have been meaning to do for quite a while to tick off the Rover list.