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The St. David's Hotel is based on proposals drawn-up in January 1907 by George Walton (Architect), a Glasgow School architect and contemporary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The proposals were subsequently revised in 1908, and the hotel was built in 1910.

The Hotel has five storeys and a basement. The height of the Hotel was disguised by having the upper three floors included in a giant mansard with rows of dormers. The Hotel reflects skilled craftsmanship, in the handling of materials and detail, that echoes Walton's earlier design.St David's Hotel has been described as Walton "at his most professional".At St David's Hotel, Walton provided solutions to a challenging commercial design brief that included the traditional use of heavy masonry on the exterior of the Hotel, which was intended to reflect the use of this material in the locality. In conjunction with this, Walton used reinforced concrete to open-up the interiors in order to simplify structural problems, make the most of the sea views, and give the interior "a cheerfulness which could survive even a dull Harlech day

In 1922, a devastating fire destroyed the interior of the Hotel, so that Walton's original design commission has been lost. The Hotel was then rebuilt hurriedly by Griffith Morris. The three bay centre is now flanked by two storeys of stone, two of roughcast and the attic only is mansarded. The centre has also been altered on the top two floors and has a ground floor addition. It is unclear from the records how much of the original interior structure has survived. The later, low quality, extensions have diminished the grand aspect of Walton's original structure.

This building is now in such a bad state that it is unsafe to enter I did this so you don't have to. Hope you enjoy the pics.














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