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13-03-2011, 03:09 PM
Please post all your reports in the following format.

Loftus ROC Post - (Yorkshire Group) - May 2009

'Group' refers to geo-graphical area/county and NOT the ROC groups.

Please use the green arrow icon.

This forum is public, so if there is a site you would rather keep out of the public eye, please dont post it. I would rather it not be there at all than have a thread titled 'Top Secret ROC Post - (Europe) - 21st Century'. Its not helpful.

Please do not steal or take items from ROC Posts. Any evidence of this and you should expect a call from the police :thumb

We understand that some people have their own posts and sometimes items may be taken for preservation, but the mindless robbing of posts to sell on ebay is not acceptable.

Please leave the posts as you found them, and do have a quick tidy round. If a post is locked, do not break in. Try and track down the owner and they are usually more than happy to show you around. If you have a Tbar/Torlift key and the post you visit is unlocked, please try and lock at, as it prevents casual browsers from entering.

Please abide by the rules, then you dont waste your own time or my time :thumb