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10-03-2011, 02:01 AM
I noticed this whilst walking past - it hadnt been closed long when they were already planning to demolish it - I dont know why it was closed... what happened to all the old folks?! Unfortunatley i was working so much by the time i got the chance to check it out theyd already started demolition so figured its now or never - cuz im so skinny (lol!) i managed to squeeze underneath the fences and get in - after checking there was no guard. This was in pitch black so had to use long exposures, and i didnt have the "skills" i have now so these arent the best pics but atleast i got something before it was gone - its all gone now. I freaked out a few times - i tried walking in but kept hearing god awful creaking noises - it was windy and there was debris blowing in the wind over my head! I met a couple of dodgy geezers too - one with a huge air rifle who didnt speak much and the guy was alright though - said they were lookin for stuff to nick!

btw Thanks guys for pointing me to some resizing software hope this is better presented for ya! Ive chosen the best pics i have hope ya like em too