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27-02-2011, 10:54 PM
Visited with Cloughfowle2 googled it for history and below are philds words on the place

The bunker was built by the Leeds Permanent building society to keep there documents safe during world war 2.
Heavy doors and grilles protected the entrances and an armoured steel door guarded the main entrance.
The bunker provided 25,000 cubic feet of storage space on two levels. It was built of reinforced concrete and had a watertight envelope of brick and asphalt.
It was essential to bring electricity to the bunker and a road up to the entrance had to be made so vehicles could take deeds to and from the safe.
Boxes of deeds began to rust because of condensation and several methods of drying were tried before a cure was found.
The bunker was also used by Leeds Corporation to store many of its historic documents there, including the Charter granted to the city in the 17th century by King Charles II.

Whilst there the owner turned up nice guy asked him for a peek inside but he declined did rattle the locks to show us the place is alarmed though so bear this in mind if you decide to give the door a tug lol


This pill box thing above was where the documents were lowered down apperantly the owner advised the bunker is quite large inside and runs over 2 levels :p