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21-02-2011, 08:42 PM
"an extremely rare and very fine example of a complete Edwardian Lido"
I noticed this place during the summer last year whilst visiting a friend and decided it needed to be done, after walking round and round and round i realised the only way in involved a canny climb... and probably a fair fall on the other side.
I went back to see my friend earlier this month and decided to take to cameras for a walk back to the park where the pool sits.

After another few laps round the perimeter i submitted to the fact i wasnt going to get in, however i did find a nice hole in the wall, unfortunately on an angle so seeing the full pool was an issue, but big enough to fit my hand an my trusty Chinon (armed with 16mm fisheye) though to take some snaps, holding the camera still wasnt easy so i only came out with the 1 fairly decent one of the whole pool.

Like i said in the title its a Mini Report (if it can even be called that) but i love this place and feel it what i have needs sharing.

Some History:

Grade II listed Building

Built in 1902 by local engineer and surveyor John Bowen and opened in 1903 exclusively as a Womens Pool, it was initially fed by the Themes but after almost 50 years (and im guessing lots of cases of diarrhea) in 1950 it was converted to be Mains fed.

The site was closed to the public in 1974, during the early 90s it was used by Reading Dive Club as a "non swimming" meeting area.

A local Campaign in ongoing to attempt to restore it back to a working pool after developers Askett Hawk were given permission to build a hotel on the site, however the council decided to reject a proposal to grant a 250-year lease to the developers the following September.

Open days are held for locals and campaigners to meet and decided on the fate of the Pool (i have since found out i missed an open day the day after i arrived and possibly a chance to get inside the building :( )

SO... not many photos im afraid, but never the less, onwards!:





22-02-2011, 03:38 PM
Few more shots here i managed to salvage from yet another film fucked up by Tescos (off to put a rocket up their arses tomorrow and demand unreasonable amounts of compensation and free film)