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15-02-2011, 08:54 PM
1. Think of a username (What you want to call yourself) and a password you can remember
2. Either click on Register in the top right-hand corner or click here (http://www.urbexforums.com/register.php)
3. Fill the forum in, accept the terms and click on register
3. Wait for your acceptance email and click on the link to confirm your email address. This is usually instant, however please allow up to an hour during busy periods.
4. Log into the forum using the username and password you used while registering by entering the information in the top right-hand corner.
5. Enjoy the forum! You'll have access to additional forums such Hospital information etc

If your having problems registering please click here (http://www.urbexforums.com/sendmessage.php) and let us know :thumb

Please do not register accounts using temporary email addresses. They will be deleted so don't waste your time.


The Admin Team