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01-02-2011, 03:48 PM
From the explorer who brought you an abandoned Halfords and a derelict milk float depot comes my next effort, a load of abandoned Ford Sierras.

Most of you on here won't even remember the Dagenham Jellymould. The Sierra was the sucessor to the dreamy Ford Cortina and was a revolution. I had three, years ago, a 1983 Y reg 1.6GL in blue which was sold for a 1987 2.0i GLS in Green. The last Sierra I had was a company car and was a last of the run Sierra Sapphire, this was a Sierra with a boot and was a huge heavy car with no power steering and a leaky sunroof.

My best memory of the Sierra was my H reg babe dropping a piston outside Long Stratton on the way to see a late night showing of Withnail and I :thumb happy days.

Please feel free to bin my elite thread.

New shape front end, now sadly past its best.


A white Sapphire, like my old one but in better condition.


Many a sales reps farts will have been absorbed into these luxury pews.


A Sierra GT no less in mould green.


A classic 1.6GL in the same blue as my old one :thumb


Some classic badges for those over 30 years old.





Thanks for suffering :thumb