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17-01-2011, 05:24 PM
There were originally four of us planned for the trip but it ended up being myself and a wader-less Jimmy cause he left them at home. Tickets purchased we jumped onto the train to Sheff for a change and then onto Derby, we managed to take part in some ‘Bashing’ while on the train which involved pushing the windows down and shouting at people miles away until we got told that it was dangerous.

Once on foot in Derby we navigated the centre and made off for the park, with a few people around getting inside ‘Captain Birdseye’s Flo Selecta’ wasn’t much hassle but when we came to leave a shit tonne of families had arrived – a soft jog was implied after the climb out.



A McDonalds later and we were back on the train heading towards Sheff, We chilled in the massive seats of First Class and no one seemed to bother two slightly dirty drainers. The weather had taken a turn for the worse but we headed up towards the stripped brewery. Just as we walked into one of the buildings Jimmy noticed wet footprints leading up the stairs, a second later and some pikey/stoner walked down the stairs past us and said ‘keep away from the windows’. With that we got a couple of photographs and then headed back out into the rain.



With a less positive attitude cause of the amount of walking we had done I wadered up outside one of the entrances to Megatron while Jimmy rolled his jeans up. We walked through the culverts over jagged rocks and large pieces of concrete and after a brief stint outside we were at the massive arch. Once again took a few photographs and then headed back to the train station with just 3 minutes to spare before our ride home.




Thanks for looking, Gone...