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18-12-2010, 12:09 AM
The Background

Unfortunately not been able to find out much about this place ... next to nothing in fact.
It is a 5 bedroomed Farmhouse with various outbuildings and a badly fire damaged large
barn. One bit of info I did find is that it used to be a dairy farm. It has been on the market
for 325,000.00.

The land belonging to the farm is some 11 acres.

Evilnoodle's guess in Roosters Report (http://www.urbexforums.co.uk/showthread.php/10747-Great-Oak-Farm-Oaks-Lane-Bolton-Dec-2010) that someone disabled may
well have lived here seems to be correct as some of my images will show.

The house is actually in pretty good condition.

Only clue I found as to date of vacation is a sticker on one of the hoistey things
stating that it had been tested Jan 2006 - so not all that long ago.

The Visit

A solo visit, another of my fairly spur of the moment decisions. It's not a long drive for me so was
there in no time. It's in a lovely area with countryside all around.

The Pictures



as well as in the bathroom there was also one of these hoistey/liftey things in one of the living rooms :



well it is the festive season



Looks like the pikeys had a go at the fireplace and once they broke it realised it wouldn't
fetch anything.


They were clearly horsey people


Happy Times



in better times




all in all a nice little relaxed mooch ... aside from a dog walker walking right up to
the front door as I was in the 1st living room just off that door and her dog walking
past the door ..carrying on then turning around and walking back. couldn't
believe it didn't see me.

But yes a nice easy and relaxed one this.

Thanks for looking :ty

18-12-2010, 01:20 PM
Much of the documentation found in the property by judderman62 indicates an issue that the Independent Living Funds had with including National Insurance numbers for the carers. Alas, this had been omitted in their initial submission, and it meant that Robyn Lewis, had to write to them on the 9th of December 1994 asking for this additional detail. So, what exactly is the Independent Living Funds?

Well, the Independent Living Fund (ILF) was set up and financed by Central Government as a national resource dedicated to the financial support of disabled people and enabling them to choose to live in the community rather than residential care.

Care funding through the Independent Living Fund (93 Fund)

There are two funds – the 93 Fund and the Extension Fund. They are publicly financed discretionary trusts making regular four-weekly payments to individuals that can be used to buy personal care in the community.

Recipients may use care agencies or employ personal assistants but may not employ relatives who live in the same house. The funds function in the same way as a Direct Payments Scheme.

The original ILF was closed to new applicants at the end of March 1993 when new community care funding arrangements were put in place.

The Extension Fund was set up to continue paying awards to people who were clients of the original ILF. The 93 Fund was set up at the same time to accept new applications from people who need more help than their local authority was able to provide.

The Fund acts in joint partnership with local authorities but acts as a ‘top-up’ to their services and is not available on its own.

Judderman62 found documentation pertaining to the Extension Fund, rather than the 93 fund. It is not clear from this report whether the details were forwarded back to the ILF in the prepaid envelope that Robyn Lewis included in her letter. In addition, it does not at any point state the age of the person with the disability, so we, the reader have to make up our own mind about this. Perhaps a return visit may clear up any confusion?

I hope this helpful.

*Claps hands* Death please waiter. I have bored myself enough.