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09-12-2010, 08:07 PM
Many of us have been past them, some of us may have been in them but until now, nobody has bothered to record them.

This small row of dwellings housed workers who were essential to the safe running of the massive chemical plant next door. Engineers, electricians and managers would be housed here to deal with an emergencies that may have come up at the plant.

Abandoned since 2003, they now sit awaiting demolition but once they housed happy families and echoed to the sound of children, parties, good times, bad times, shagging and all the other noises that come from day to day life. I half expected to find some ex worker happily mutating in a sealed room, the effects of the toxic sludge next door still having an effect.

Sorry for such a shit thread but I thought they deserved to be recorded and not forgotten :thumb




Cooker from Hell


They seem sound but they are unwanted.