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04-12-2010, 09:43 PM
Many Thanks to cloughandfowle2 for this one, what an awesome explore : )

So...we rolled upto the house early on this morning, snow everywhere after a freezing cold week; full of excitement we ventured up the path of god knows what under all that snow! careful of your footing if you visit this place. A sweet building in a nice trashed up state but still with a lot of cool features and personal belongings to scout out. Unfortunately we did not find any of the doctors lists (they were probably buried beneath all the snow!). We managed to have a good look around and found loads of stuff outside too, there was an outer building but it had pretty much been demolished.



as i say nice and trashed :thumb




as we entered the house there was beeping which we discovered to be old fire alarms which were still working, increased our heart rate a bit at first along with the few thuds we heard while we were inside, we never discovered the source of those tho but watch out for these bells and fire alarms!!


we skipped along as quickly as we could past this massive front room which was pretty trashed but still had a lovely decorative fireplace, which was still intact : )



the stairs looked dodgy but we did manage to climb them, upstairs however; it was nothing but beams and a wet plank of wood - didnt let it stop us tho; we'd seen the bedroom through a hole in a wall and there was no way i was leaving until we got in there : )


the bedroom was the freakiest part about the doctors house, clothes still all over the place, packets of half empty drugs on the floor - was it naughty to go delving into his closet??



there was a bathroom upstairs and a couple of other rooms but with the roof being open they were pretty much collapsed floors and nothing we could see that was in them.


back downstairs to be greeted by a lovely dark basement and a load of graffiti scrawled over the walls which looked like death threats ; o!!! apparently he was coming to get us!!! so we did one quickly and passed on the basement in fear of actually finding the doctors body down there!!!!



past the smashed up tv's, olden rotting books, slippers, letters and wallpaper??? really looked like the place needed it!!


and we made it back to the safe outdoors : )



around the grounds was a tonne of cool stuff, most of it unfortunately we couldnt see due to the knee high snow covering everywhere but we did find some toys to play with :thumb




absolutely loved this desk we found


after a good hour we decided to head off from the house


sweet explore especially in all this snow :thumb