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30-11-2010, 12:30 PM
Visited with Appo (http://appoue.blogspot.com/), Rookie (http://rookieue.blogspot.com/) and Jimmy (http://jimmyhalfway.blogspot.com/).

'Appo - The Duke of Lancaster, a former car ferry and cruise ship, got its name the Fun Ship because, towards the end of its life, it operated as an arcade and bar from its dry dock at Mostyn. the ship was launched in 1955 set its maiden voyage in 1956 and became out of service in 1979. the ship weighs 4450 tonnes with a capacity of 1800 and a top speed of 21 knots which is approximately 24 miles an hour and is 376 ft in length.

After meeting up with Jimmy and driving down to wales to meet Rookie we soon decided it was only best to conquer what we failed almost 2 years ago and with that in our heads we where on our way. boot full and car loaded we arrived at our destination and after layering up due to the minus degree weather we where outside hoping the Gypsies that seen us 2 years before had disappeared luckily no one poked there nose in and within half an hour we where on the boat and completely stoked. unluckily access to the inside of the ship has been locked down and is no longer accessible to our disappointment but the top decks where totally worth the wait'

The above is Appo's write up about the ship/our experience, Big up for the 300 mile round trip.






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