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23-11-2010, 07:07 PM
Me and Fowle cant find anything on this house just a couple of letters spread around by the front door intended for a Dr Bradberry. One thing we do know about Dr Bradberry is he was a man that liked to write lists. Lists of things he wanted to do before he died, 100's of pieces of paper with 100's of thing he wanted to do; ride a motorbike, win a medal, fire a gun, fall in love, climb a tree, free a caged animal and 100's more, piece of A4 paper after piece of A4 paper stashed all around his house.

Dr Bradberry's house is completely trashed but contains all his belongings still inside like it was wrecked in just one night with the man still inside. We wanted to do a full report on this interesting house but we couldnt stand to stay in there for long....






Thank you