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19-10-2010, 09:45 PM
Westhall House (former country estate/hotel), Aberdeenshire.

It's been a few years since I first took a look in by Westhall and wow has the place deteriorated... I shouldn't be surprised I guess given the state of many other sites that receive far more maintenance, but it really is shocking.

A word of warning to anyone considering going - Anything above the ground floor is potentially dangerous, watch your step. NOT recommended for solo explores. That said, the somewhat tricky access should keep the muppets out anyway...

Made it out with Narcosynthesis after our previous attempt not long ago was foiled by horrible weather and not knowing how well armored the place now is! The ground floor is completely shuttered up with some lovely perforated steel sheets that keep out the looters, but not the weather. Smart.

Some renovation work from before the hotel closed down, never completed. Looks bad but is in fact fairly solid.

The bar is in remarkably good nick compared to many of the rooms around it, although that lovely decorative fabric on the wall won't be there much longer I think...


That collapsed patch of ceiling on the left has a weak spot in the floor right under it, hidden by debris. Watch your step.

Somehow I don't think this kitchen will be winning any hygiene awards in the near future...

In the corridor outside the kitchen, a large chunk of ceiling is now on the floor.

Far less deterioration is seen in the oldest parts of the building and the cellars. Probably due to their being mostly made of huge lumps of rock rather than more "modern" building materials.


Between the rapidly diminishing light and concerns over the stability of the upper floors, we didn't go beyond the ground floor on this trip. A return visit earlier in the day is on the cards to properly assess the state of the floors above, but I don't hold too much hope for it anymore, much of the building is now nothing more than a rapidly rotting shell :(

22-10-2010, 01:17 AM
To add some of my own photos from the trip...


As mentioned above, it has been a couple of years since either of us have visited, in which Westhall has transformed from a dusty, empty but otherwise fairly decent condition building into todays armour plated yet rotten structure. Various points inside have the downstairs roofs starting to come down (presumably thanks to water getting in from above, though due to the failing light and lack of structural integrity we left checking it out for another day), and there are points where the flooring downstairs is starting to go which is never a good sign.

The pool is indeed also rather cool, alongside the somewhat bizarre looking 'spa' (which looks like a giant sink and hardly relaxing), and one of the few places I have been where flicking the big red switch has actually done something (who can resist them?) - there seems to be power to the various heating and pump machinery attached to the pool though I couldn't say if any of the lighting or other stuff is on the same circuit (I am not too hopeful given that the lighting circuits in the rest of the building have been pulled out).