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beam assisted
04-10-2010, 02:00 PM
There is more to this than meets the eye.

The bunker was used right up till the end of the war, but was also used as a POW camp for captured Italians until 1947 (this I am still researching), although there isn't much left of the POW camp, just the red brick shed.
The surrounding area has a lot of WW2 history (bomber crash landing, search lights, another HAA bunker, fake villages etc.....), again I am still researching and have many more avenues to go down regarding this.

The buildings themselves are in great condition, but most of the trenches have been filled in with rubble and Yorkshire stone a good few years ago (grass is now growing through them) and the main passageway to the ammo stores is now used by the farmer to store silage :(

The gun mounts and concrete walling is in great condition and the main bunker is also except it has had the usual 'chav tag'. I ventured into one of the bunkers, but the main underground one is guarded by nettles, and as I was in shorts (due to accident - see next paragraph) I didnt venture too far, but I will when I return for more and the surrounding area.

I did try to get to the ammo sheds, but I found quicks**t and was up to my knees within seconds! The paths within the compound of the ammo stores were about two foot deep in cow s**t so I assume the sheds are also.
I have been reliably informed that the silage should be used up in the next month or two, so I will endeavour to go back and see if I can get into the ammo store.

View from Victoria Tower

POW camp shed


Inside POW camp shed

Gun emplacements


Path to gun emplacement covered with rubble

Main bunker




Predictor mountings

Entrance and inside the bunker


The trenches from the gun emplacements to the ammo store (as you can see, filled in in a haphazard way lol)


Ammo store



View to Victoria Tower

Ok, further information after research;

The POW camp was number 60 - Huddersfield, which is a satelite camp which includes Bradford and Skipton.

The other HAA bunkers were (in this area of Huddersfield under GDA Leeds);
Waterloo 53 38'24.92"n 1 44'28.74"w Elevation 121m, site code S/- (site demolished)
Fenay Bridge 53 38'15.83"n 1 42'29.69W Elevation 181m, site code -/H2 (site demolished)
Upperthing 53 34'26.18n 1 49'29.41w Elevation 0m, site code -/H31 (site partially demolished)

There also was a War Hospital at Meltham, about 1.35 miles SW of the bunker (this site was only used in WW1).

Although I have found some other HAA bunkers within a short distance (about 5 miles) so look out for more :)